Company Overview

Sanpo Industry is a suburban company producing and selling mushrooms in Okayama, Japan.

We were established as a research and development branch of Asano Industry, in 1988.
We learned concepts and techniques from University fungal experts about mushroom feeding and now we have a unique production system, within a horticultural structure, of Kikurage mushrooms, similar to that of a plant factory. Kikurage is known as Black Fungus and has many nutritional benefits.
We provide pesticide-free Japanese Kikurage mushrooms.
Our flesh mushroom received the 1st place prize from the Director General of Forestry Agency in Japan, 2018.

To guarantee harmful, ingredient-free mushrooms, all and any pesticides are prohibited in our factory.

We apply a "fungus-bed feed system" that allows mushroom fungi to mature with more nutrition in wood-chip blocks. All materials used are always traced with data sheets, and our factory produces a large amount of high-grade and fresh Kikurage mushrooms every season.
When harvesting Kikurage mushrooms, the mushrooms are picked up and stored in clean packaging and then we also produce dried Kikurage mushrooms.
We handle both fresh and dried Kikurage mushrooms with the highest care so as to avoid degradation in quality.

Kikurage mushrooms are used in many kinds of dishes.
For example
Japanese food:  Tempura , Sukiyaki , Oden , Hot pot , Stir-fry and Miso soup

Chinese food:  Chop-suey , Sweet and sour pork and Pan-fried dumplings
Italian food:   Ahijo
Thai food:   Tom yam kung
Kikurage mushrooms have a mild taste and they go well with various dishes.
It is our pleasure to provide Kikurage mushrooms to you.
Please enjoy some Kikurage mushroom dishes.

Here are some recommended recipes;

Kikurage mushrooms FCP negotiation sheet

Corporate information

Company name:


Head Office:

12-16 Minami-Cyuocyo, Kitaku, Okayama, Japan

Established in



10 million yen

Name of Representative:

Mr Fumio Myokai

Number of employees:



We are a pesticide-free, retail seller of Kikurage and Shiitake mushrooms produced solely in Japan.

Phone Number:


Fax Number:


Office hours:

Monday to Friday,8:30 to 17:30 in Japanese time

Fiscal year:

October 1 to September 31

Net Sales:

60 million yen

Production bases:

3-20-6 Tamahara, Tamano, Okayama, Japan

Major Banks:

Chugoku Bank(Okayama, Japan)

Associated company:


As of January 1st, 2019